Our philosophy


From the “Casa del benessere” (House of Wellness), the Hotel Milano Alpen Resort Meeting & Spa, the ancient and refined villa that dominates the Val d'Orcia, to Palazzo Gattini, noble residence of the Counts of Gattini from Matera, renovated by combining classical lines and modern rationality. Proceeding to Taormina at the Hotel Imperiale, a 5 star establishment in the contemporary style that dominates the city's historic centre; through to enchanting Venice and the charm of the Hotel San Sebastiano Garden. Finally, sailing from Sicily to the Aeolian islands, from the Egadis to the Pelagians, two splendid schooners are available to allow guests to plough the Mediterranean on regal vessels.
Ancient residences with rigorous designs, deeply rooted in the area, and SPAs offer guests on holidays or attending a private or corporate event, relaxation personalised in every detail, guaranteed by the ongoing search for genuine Italian hospitality, both avant-garde and timeless that characterises the Exclusive Hotel Collection brand.


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